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Get together in KakaoGroup!Create groups for family and friends, work and play! Schedule and plan events with ease using KakaoGroup's announcement features and more. You can also easily send announcements to group members via KakaoTalk.
# Share anything! Photos, videos, gif images, documents! Upload photos, videos, gif images and documents freely on KakaoGroup. Don't forget to leave Kakao Friends stickers on your friends' posts!
# Chat any time! Chat in real time with your group members. Enjoy KakaoGroup chats powered by the speed and ease you love on KakaoTalk.
# Vote on it!Poll your members to decide where to go for dinner. Get your members' opinions.Set up options for multiple or anonymous voting.
# Never miss an event!Add an event to your group's schedule. Birthdays of your members will be automatically added to the group calendar.
# Get started now! Create a group in seconds and ask your friends to join. You can also tap the KakaoGroup icon from your KakaoTalk chatroom to invite everyone at once.